No, Snipperclips and I Am Setsuna have not been removed from the Switch eShop

Snipperclips got clipped.

The Nintendo Switch eShop is still very new and there’s a lot of work for Nintendo to get it up to par.

One thing we have noticed and that people have emailed us about is that the ‘Recent Releases’ page seems to be missing some games. In Australia that’s Snipperclips and I Am Setsuna.

It appears Nintendo only lists the 24 most recent games, banishing the brilliant Snipperclips and I Am Setsuna to the search. To find those two games you’ll have to search for them, not great for visibility.

Maybe it’s worth limiting the amount of recent games in a couple of months, especially if there’s different sections or an index added. The system has only been out three weeks, shouldn’t we just see it all until something better is done?

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