Nintendo warns streamers as players do naughty things with Splatoon and chroma key

When Nintendo tweets from the NintendoCoLtd Twitter account, its usually about very serious things like investor meetings and acquisitions. Today it reminded streamers and other content creators that while they don’t mind you using content on streaming platforms, there are just some things you can’t do with it.

The rules haven’t changed, and Nintendo isn’t clamping down on anything. At least they don’t mention it in the tweet. The Q&A they link to is from 2018. So what’s spurred this reminder?

It could be the below.

It would appear some Japanese streamers are doing some very naughty things with Splatoon 3. They’re using a chromakey (or greenscreen effect) to project things into streams of games, very adult things and turning Splatoon into a game of hide the porn. One player’s colour is being keyed out, and it’s up to the other player to hide it. The hashtag #avスプラ (adult video Splatoon) is trending in Japan, which contains lots of “discussion” about it.

The below video contains an example of what players are doing, but this one is using Google Maps – don’t worry.

The streamers at the centre of it all have apologised to their audiences and Nintendo according to a report from Automaton-Media.

The last time this sort of thing happened, people were posting porn into Super Mario Odyssey.

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