The Vans X Nintendo Collection is out today and really expensive

by Daniel VuckovicJuly 27, 2016

Update: The online store ASOS (which we’re told is popular) is also stocking the some of the shirts and one of the bags in the range. Check it out here. Thanks to Ben for the tip.

Original Story: Last week we finally got a release date for the Nintendo Vans line of shoes and other things you put on your body. That day was today and the reception has been a little tepid.

They’re so expensive!

Sure, branded items and shoes are usually expensive but these are double, even triple of the price of them in America. Press-Start has searched all the stores for the prices and come back with the following list.

  • Princess Peach Lace Ups – $129.95
  • Donkey Kong Lace Ups – $149.95
  • Mario Rainbow Lace Ups – $149.95
  • Zelda Slip Ons – $179.95
  • Hightops – $179.95
  • Hats – $39
  • Backpacks – $69
  • Shirts – $69

The other problem has been finding them, while Platypus Shoes is the major stockist for them, they – like their name suggests – are only stocking the shoes. The bags and other items are left up to the Vans stores, that’s if you have one.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.07.42 PM

In addition not every store has got every item, nor did we get every thing the Americans received either. It’s a bit of a false start.

Just personally, none of stores in Western Australia have anything yet either and since we don’t have a Vans store here (like a bunch of other states) where are we to get them from?

We’re going to try and find out, but for now our money is staying in our wallet.

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