Nintendo to provide “significant financial support” to Forever Entertainment in new deal

Forever Entertainment already makes and brings many games to the Nintendo Switch, and now Nintendo is going to help them even more.

Forever Entertainment is perhaps best known for the Panzer Dragoon: Remake and more than 70 games on the Switch. The House of the Dead: Remake is coming later this year as well. They’re also working on remakes of unspecified Square Enix games.

Forever have reached an agreement with Nintendo (as in NCL) and will receive “a significant financial backing” to release several titles from the FE release schedule on the Switch. This news doesn’t sound like it’ll be Nintendo games or properties, but just more games Forever Entertainment are working on coming to the Switch.

With no further details, it could be safe to assume whatever these games are; they’re still a while away.

The board of Forever Entertainment S.A. (FE) is informing of having signed a material agreement between FE and Nintendo Co. Ltd (Nintendo) of Japan.

On the basis of the agreement FE will receive a significant financial backing from Nintendo to fulfil a publishing agreement, the purpose of which is to release several titles from FE release schedule on Nintendo Switch.

The exact release date of each individual titles will be announced in separate reports.

Translation via Resetera

Source: Bankier.pl

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