Nintendo takes Nintendo Direct trolling directly to you

by Daniel VuckovicJanuary 11, 2018

All this week there has been speculation from the internet that there would be a Nintendo Direct announced at some point. It hasn’t happened yet and Nintendo has been radio silent about it, except for Nintendo of America who has been tweeting some crazy things.

Their first and only tweet this week, until last night was this “cryptic” Talkatoo shitpost;

Everyone has taken to thinking that this is Nintendo America’s way of teasing a Direct, they then haven’t tweeted anything since but instead Retweeted that same Talkatoo Tweet yesterday.

Then last night things got really crazy. Nintendo usually announces a Direct a day or two days before and usually late in the day Australian time – it hasn’t happened – so people have been going nuts every night.

Nintendo of America took it to the next level last night in an obvious troll as they posted a Tweet with Chibi-Robo on fire. We’re not sure what it means either.

After that thing got a bit crazy and a bunch of game sites, developers, and publishers who may or may not be in on the joke replied.

As a bonus, US retailer GameStop also tweeted that a Direct was starting in 45 minutes last night and quickly deleted it.

We’ve never seen Nintendo troll so much before, it’s kind of funny but if there is a Direct this week it better be pretty awesome.

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