Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Festivities coming in November


Along with announcing the palm bleeding Mario Party and Mario Party 2 coming on November 2nd, Nintendo also announced a range of ‚ÄúFestivities‚ÄĚ kicking off simultaneously. These offers only apply to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers.¬†

Double Gold Points on Select Titles

Starting November 1st, Expansion Pack members can early double My Nintendo Gold Points on purchases of eligible games and DLC in the Nintendo eShop. 10% of whatever you buy can be used toward your next purchase (of anything). This promotion will last for three months ending 31st January 2023

Nintendo Australia has confirmed that this applies to all purchases on the eShop here. That’s including the Nintendo Switch Vouchers. This is also a good period for when eShop credit goes on sale in stores, and will be a great way to get digital games for even cheaper.

Nintendo 64 Icon Elements

For a few months now, Nintendo has been rolling out new themed icons, now, Nintendo 64-themed ones are coming, and they’ll be only available to Expansion Pack members. Here’s what will be available, likely not all at the same time.

In Japan, Nintendo is taking the festivities to another level with actual My Nintendo Goods to pick up, including a Nintendo 64 shirt, mugs matching each colour Nintendo 64 controllers came in and even some stickers. Hopefully, some of these make it our way!


The rest of the announcement is everything you get with Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack already. Still, Nintendo also mentions Goldeneye 007 for the first time since the Nintendo Direct that was announced in. With no Nintendo 64 games left for 2022 after the two Mario Party games – could we be getting a Christmas James Bond miracle?

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