Nintendo returns to profitability in latest financial results

Nintendo hasn’t been able to report a profit for some quite time, now it looks like it might be on the track back to making some real money.

Nintendo’s Q2 results are out and it’s mostly good news. The companies second quarter is from the 1st of April to September 30th. While Nintendo did make a net profit at the end of the day, it’s operating incoming was still at a loss of 215 million yen. That’s still a ton better and is the lowest loss since 2011,

The good results mostly come from Nintendo being able to reduce costs, the US current becoming stronger and not having a ton of restructuring costs weighing them down.

Actual sales were good to for the Wii U with games like Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors pushing software up to 9.4 million units for the period. This is a big improvement of 3.1 million units over the same period last year. Wii U hardware was up 460,000 over the last period to 1.12 million unit sales. This number is still quite low but things are improving. Nintendo is keeping its forecast of 3.6 million unit sales for the Wii U for this financial period.

3DS sales were down a lot to 2.09 million units. This is down 3.89 million units over the same period last year. There are now 45.42 million 3DS consoles sold now. This reporting period does not take into effect the sales of the New Nintendo 3DS nor Super Smash Bros. anywhere else other than Japan.

Nintendo no longer report DS sales, but the Wii shifted 170,000 units in the period and bringing the total number of those sold to 101.23 million.

The next quarter should prove very telling and Nintendo will be hoping for big improvements. The New Nintendo3DS, Super Smash Bros. 3DS (internationally), Super Smash Bros for Wii U and amiibo are all out and Nintendo’s riding on them to do well to make their yearly predictions.

Source: Nintendo

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