Nintendo Download Updates (Week 33) Quake Gods


It’s great when there are a number of good releases this week, so we don’t have to talk about the 26th bundle of AAA Clock, or the asset flip junk games with really long names – or the bundles of games that came out last month but now have a deluxe edition with nothing in them. Like a kid bumping a forum thread in the mid 2000s.

New release highlights

A nice little surprise last night with the dropping of Quake II, and it’s a really packed port and it’s only $15! The Roleplaying Musical, Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical is also out this week from Aussie developers Summerfall Studios and if you’re into American football LEGEND BOWL is better than Madden – because it actually exists on Switch.

It’s another chockers week next week as well – we’re finally past the mid year slump. It’s only going to get busier from here. Go the Matildas.

100 Doors – Escape from School$12.99 
AAA Clock Ultra Premium$2.98 $16.50 
Anthology of Fear$9.45 $13.50 
Arcade Archives MAD SHARK$10.50 
Arcade Snake Go!$1.50 
BOKURA$7.30 $8.12 
Bright Lights of Svetlov$12.00 $15.00 
Chickenoidz Super Party$12.75 $15.00 
Cinderella: Interactive Book$6.00 
Female Nation Takeover -女性国家乗っ取り計画 – 盗賊の俺が王になる –$26.90 
Fluffy Milo$6.00 $7.50 
Funny Jokes$4.50 
Hentai Stars$3.00 $30.00 
It’s Puzzles: Wild Nature$12.00 
LEGEND BOWL$31.87 $37.50 
Mondealy$16.99 $19.99 
Mouse Trap – The Board Game$31.99 
Mysterious Adventure of Michael$2.70 $3.00 
Neon Blight$26.55 $29.50 
Organ Trail Complete Edition$10.50 $15.00 
Pipe Dream$3.41 $5.25 
Quake II$14.95 
Rainbow Skies$26.99 $29.99 
Running Fable$11.57 
Skabma – Snowfall$37.50 
Sonar Beat$3.37 $3.75 
Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical$44.95 
Sven – completely screwed$30.00 
The Rewinder$13.12 $18.75 
TOW TRUCK Driver Simulator 2023$19.99 
Tsugunohi$8.79 $10.35 
Unidentified Falling Objects$22.20 
Vostok 2061$6.60 $8.25 
Wild Legion$34.50 
Wizards Legacy – Nightmare Park Manager Simulator$1.99 $14.90 
World Spin$3.69 $5.28 
Wroom Wroom Puzzles$3.00 $30.00 
Zombie Soup$28.50 

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