Nintendo Download Updates (Week 32) Lamb Campus 

Just a quiet little week this week, but some fun still to be had. There’s actually below 30 games out this week, which is rare but all of them are not equal.

One trend we’ve noticed a bunch of games from certain companies who are basically spitting out clones, and the game titles are keyword stuffed for better SEO some how? We’ll be trimming those titles because really? You might as well make a game called Aardvark and get it to the top of listings that way.

New release highlights: Cult of the Lamb of course looks very good, we’ll have a Switch review shortly. Two Point Campus and Arcade Paradise are two management/simulation games in the same week. If you’re into those you’re being spoiled!

‚úö Amazing Pets Bundle – $15.00
‚úö Arcade Paradise – $30.00
‚úö Bit Orchard: Animal Valley Extended Edition – $2.95 (Usually $12.30)
‚úö Book Quest – $8.40 (Usually $10.50)
‚úö Car Racing Highway Driving Simulator – $7.99
‚úö Cat Slide Tiles – $6.00
‚úö Cleo – a pirate’s tale – $18.75
‚úö Comic Coloring Book Complete Edition: SKETCH – $2.78 (Usually $34.80)
‚úö Cult of the Lamb – $37.50
‚úö Cyber Protocol Prologue – Free Download
‚úö EXTREME BIKE X – $10.26
‚úö Japanese NEKOSAMA Escape The Sento – $6.74 (Usually $13.49)
‚úö Jeopardy! PlayShow – $35.00
‚úö Knight’s Castle – Medieval Minigames for Toddlers and Kids – $4.99 (Usually $9.99)
‚úö Laboratory Rat Escape Simulator Pro – $7.00
‚úö Last Threshold – $6.49 (Usually $7.49)
‚úö Little Noah: Scion of Paradise Special Edition – $29.95
‚úö Lost in Play – $30.00
‚úö origamihero games 2D Platformer Collection – $6.29
‚úö Pets in Action Bundle – $15.00
‚úö Promo Pack 2×1 – $8.00
‚úö Sakura MMO – $14.99
‚úö Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Legendary Edition – $44.95
‚úö Shin chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation -The Endless Seven-Day Journey- – $59.99
‚úö Super Bullet Break – $27.00 (Usually $30.00)
‚úö Super Glow Puzzle – $8.99
‚úö Two Point Campus + Bonus Content – $59.99
‚úö Viki Spotter: School – $5.25 (Usually $7.50)
‚úö Viki Spotter: Space Mission – $7.50

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