Nintendo Download Updates (W16) Packed Jam

Grounded, Planet of Lana, stitch, Sticky Business, Corn Kidz 64, The Exit 8, Dream Tactics.


The weeks when there’s an Indie World presentation, or a Nintendo Direct are always fun. Imagine you had a game releasing and then Nintendo goes and drops a handful more at the same time. Then there’s a bunch of demos as well – it’s almost chaos. So let’s cut through that and list out what you should be looking at this week, Indie World or not.

This week’s highlights: Before Indie World, Grounded would have been the big game of the week. The previous Xbox exclusive arrived eventually – and the world keeps on turning. We’re reviewing it right now, and will let you know how it turned out. Planet of Lana looks amazing and has been getting great reviews. stitch. and Sticky Business are the two Indie World drops, and they both look like great fun. Then we’ve got the likes of Corn Kidz 64 (with N64 controller support!), The Exit 8, and Dream Tactics to consider. Just a lot going on.

What are you picking up this week?

Indie World Demos

Four new demos from the Indie World presentation dropped;

New Releases

4 in a row$30.00
A Tale of Paper: Refolded$20.99
Aery – Cyber City$10.15$14.50
Arcade Archives EMERALDIA$10.50
Archer 3D: Bow Shooting Range$7.99
Cat Piano$2.99$9.00
Corn Kidz 64$9.99
Dream Tactics$23.85$26.50
Epic Dumpster Bear 1.5 DX: Dumpster Fire Rebirth$6.49
Ikki Unite$18.00$22.50
Knight’s Redemption: War for freedom$4.83$20.99
Lunar Axe$8.29
Magical Girl Dash$1.99$7.99
Mars Assault: 3D Shooter$3.00$12.00
Picross -LogiartGrimoire-$19.17$29.50
Planet of Lana$29.95
Pretty Girls Escape PLUS$7.19$8.99
Ready, Steady, Ship!$22.50
Reigns: Beyond$7.50
RISKY CHRONICLES and the curse of destiny$15.00
Rose & Camellia Collection$27.00$30.00
Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse Ep2: Caged$7.99
Sokobond Express$22.50
Spirit Swap – ココロシャッフル –$26.90
Sticky Business$13.50$15.00
Sticky Business Complete Bundle$17.01$18.90
Stone Age: Digital Edition$18.39$22.99
The Exit 8$5.95
The Mildew Children$14.44$16.99
Trackline Express$17.99$19.99
Unboxing – Idle Factory Simulator$1.99$14.99
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