Nintendo Download Update – Super Boom Fishing

Featuring Australias favourite bogan, not really but you were thinking it

Five new games adorn the two stores today, some of them are pretty good too. Of course there are a couple of dull ones in there, this one might even put you to sleep. Well thats sort of the idea with it anyway!

Reel Fishing Challenge II (Natsume, 500 Points) – Remember the fun times you had back in the arcades with those fishing titles that had full motion videos for backgrounds and an authentic fishing rod? Well this game is sort of like that, just with a Wii Remote instead. This is also the second attempt at such a game on WiiWare, and its no better the second time around.

chick chick BOOM (tons of bits, 800 Points) – Before you ask, no it has absolutely nothing to do that Clare Werbeloff chick who got her 15 minutes of fame a couple of years back. No, this WiiWare game is an interesting puzzler/strategy game which pits chicks against chicks in a piano and elephant slinging match. You use ink to protect yourself from enemy attacks and you might even get some help from a corncob. For 800 points, you get a full single player mode to work through and four-player multiplayer.


Sleep Clock: Record and Analyse Your Sleep Patterns (Nintendo, 200 Points) – Nintendos spent your childhood ruining your sleep patterns with glorious games. Now theyre gonna help fix it. Sleep Clock is a diary for your sleep, start the timer before you head to bed and then tell your DSi how your slept just after you wake up. Mr Sheep is on hand to offer advice from the data you input. Yes, Mr Sheep.

Go! Go! Island Rescue! (Connect2Media, 500 Points) – Oh dear, the Darwins have gotten loose and are causing all sorts of crazy crap. Including fire! Naturally you are Robbie the firefighter, and its your job to rescue these poor bastards.

Virtual Console

SUPER E.D.F. Earth Defense Force (Super NES, Jaleco, 800 Points) – Classic side-scrolling shoot em up action is back on the Virtual Console. This time youre up against AGYMA, theyre being mean and causing all sorts of crap. Taunting your sister, grab airline hostesses on the butt and more. Its time to shoot them full of lead. You know you want to.

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