Why Nintendo chose Tantalus to work on Twilight Princess HD revealed

Aside from telling us Tantalus were working on Twilight Princess HD we never got anymore information from Nintendo about just how that came about.

Now, thanks to an interview with Stack – the magazine you get in JB Hi-Fi – we have a little bit more of an insight to what went down thanks to an interview with Eiji Anouma.

It seems, as WE expected Tantalus were chosen to work on Twilight Princess HD (all the way back in 2013) because of the work they had done remaking other titles for the Wii U. Previously the team had worked with EA on Mass Effect 3: Special Edition and Square with Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut.

Aonuma speaking to Stack;

I felt they had strong developing skills from seeing their work across remakes of previous titles, so I decided to ask Tantalus to remake this title.

As a result, I think they created great work beyond my expectations.

In addition to Aonuma, Assistant Director on the title Tomomi Sano also spoke about the Aussie studios involvement. When asked how closely they worked with Tantalus, here is what she revealed;

Actually, I didn’t make it to Australia, however we utilised a video conference and web system.

In the beginning, there was some confusion in communicating over the Internet, but we came to enjoy a lively exchange of opinions as we got used to the environment.

Most of all, it was very encouraging for us that Tantalus always worked with our requests.

It would be great to hear from Tantalus themselves one day on how it is to work with Nintendo and the Zelda series!

Source: Stack

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