New trailer for Miitopia shows what’s new in the Switch version

Nintendo has been quiet on Miitopia since it was first announced during the last Nintendo Direct last month – until today. A new, five minute long video has been released giving an overview of the game and running through just what it’s all about.

The new trailer also runs through newer and bigger customisation options, Mii sharing and other new features in the Switch version of the game.

Miitopia is out on the Nintendo Switch on May 21st.

Makeup and Wigs: In Miitopia, players can now make their Mii characters look more fabulous than ever, with glamorous wigs, colourful hairstyles, and battle-ready makeup.

Easily create and share Mii: Mii parties created in Miitopia can be easily shared with friends by using an access key*, so that they can be used to populate another Miitopia game – even in different roles. 

Unusual jobs: Anyone who doesn’t want to wield a sword or a staff can battle with their microphone as a Pop Star, or swing a pan at enemies as a Chef. Others might want to be a cat. There are plenty of jobs to choose from for the entire party.

Personality matters: Party members have minds of their own – depending on their personality, their actions may differ in battle. A kind cleric can protect other Mii characters in the party, but may even want to spare enemies, while a stubborn scientist may attack twice or refuse to lend a helping hand.

A trusty steed: No party is complete without a horse companion. Spending time with it will be rewarded with its loyalty. The horse will lend a helping hoof in battle and assists players by making mounted attacks.

Relax at the inn and go for outings: Rest at the inn after defeating fearsome foes to recover strength and nurture the bonds between Mii characters. Party members can be placed in the same rooms, and their friendship will evolve naturally. There are also many different outing spots to explore together to deepen friendships: the café, cinema, and more.

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