New Splatoon 3 amiibo have been announced, alongside the functions in game


Update: Now available to preorder at EB Games, they’ll set you back $69.95.

Original Story: During the Splatoon 3 direct, Nintendo announced three new amiibo would be released for the game, but while the game is launching next month, the amiibo won’t be out until Summer, no exact date yet though. Check out the new looks for them below.

Their official names are Squid Girl (Yellow), Octoling Boy (Blue) and Smallfry, with the latter one being the buddy that goes on your story mode journey. The three amiibo will be released as a triple pack, so expect the price to be higher than your average amiibo buy.

New amiibo are welcome, but what do they allow for you to do in game? Well when you scan amiibo, you can swap to your favourite gear combination, something that the game does allow for without the amiibo, but here you can store one outfit per figure. That means with the 17 current Splatoon themed amiibo (that number will hit 20 with these new additions) you can save an outfit on each one, as opposed to the five via the in-game system.

Other regions have announced that the twin packs of Callie & Marie, along with Pearl & Marina are getting restocked, but so far there is no word from Nintendo Australia on us getting those.

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  • Silly G
    August 12, 2022 at 9:16 am

    The amiibo are gorgeous, but why the hell are they so damn expensive?! Three-packs used to be $49.95.

    These amiibo don’t seem to be any larger than the normal ones, or any more sophisticated in their design, so why the $20 mark-up?!

    Then again, we’ve seen multiple two-packs going for $44.95.

    Dammit, Nintendo.

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