New Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer shows off clothing, camping, curry, and a teapot

by Oliver BrandtSeptember 5, 2019

Nintendo promised Pokémon Sword and Shield news in today’s Direct, and boy did they deliver.

A bunch of new features were announced in the Direct today. The first is character customisation. A staple in the series since Pokémon X and Y, Sword and Shield will let you customise the appearance of your character in much greater depth than ever seen before.

You’ll be able to change your shirt, pants, backpack, shoes and hat, like previous games, but also have access to outerwear like jackets, accessories, and gloves. Not only that, but there are heaps of haircut options, and you can even change features on your face, like eyebrows. It all looks pretty amazing.

The next feature is Pokémon Camp, an adorable new way to play cute little games with your Pokémon. There’s a host of toys available to spruce up your play time, and you can even play with all six party Pokemon at once.

And that brings us to the next new feature: curry on rice. No really. You can cook curry on rice with your Pokémon in a cute little minigame. As you adventure through the Galar region, you’ll pick up all sorts of different berries and ingredients for your curry. While camping, you can set up a stove, fan the flames, and cook up a storm. You may even come across a friend’s camp in the Wild Area, where you can visit and play games and cook curry together!

And of course, there’s new Pokémon as well: Cramorant and Polteageist. The former is a Flying/Water Pokémon that can fish up a, well, fish in its mouth and lob it at an opponent. The latter is a freaking adorable ghost living in a teapot.

There’s so much more that we aren’t able to cover here, so make sure you watch the trailer below.

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