New Pokémon Go screenshots and game details announced

The Pokémon Company has overnight released a bunch of new details about the upcoming smartphone title, Pokémon Go. There’s also a bunch of new screenshots to go along with it as well.

As we had guessed the goal of Pokémon Go is explore the world and keep an eye out of the little monsters. The game runs in the background and when you’re near a Pokémon the phone will alert you, search around with the camera and catch them.

The Pokémon Company also went further into how the game will work overall, not just the catching mechanic. There will be PokéStops around at interesting places around the world like public art installations and historical monuments. These PokéStops are where you can collect more Pokéballs and other items – almost like a Pokémart!

It’s not only just your Pokémon that can level up, but now you can too. The greater level you are the more tools you have available to you. While you might start with standard Pokéballs, eventually you’ll unlock Great Balls and the like.

Evolving Pokémon is also different in Pokémon Go as well, you will have to catch multiple of the same Pokémon before you can evolve one. There’s also Pokémon eggs near PokéStops to catch and see new Pokémon.

While you might start out on your own, ‘at a certain point’ you’ll be able join one of three different teams. When you’re in a team you can assign one of your Pokémon to defend a real world location that is a ‘Gym’. If you’re out and about and you find another gym, you can use your Pokémon to attack their gym and try and take it over. Be careful, they can do the same to yours.

So want to go the full ‘Pokémon Go’ experience? The Pokémon Go Plus wrist strap will be an optional extra and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It’ll flash and vibrate when you get a Pokémon Go notification.

There’s still no release date yet for the game, but they are field testing it out in Japan at the moment.

Still, we’re getting closer.

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