My Nintendo in Japan gets these cool Link’s Awakening themed goods

My Nintendo in Japan is pretty cool, unlike everywhere else you can exchange coins for physical goods much like you could with Club Nintendo in the past.

Today’s items are really going to make you wish we had it here. To celebrate the release Link’s Awakening on Switch, My Nintendo has a number of real-life items to redeem. These include a Hyrule Shield phone stand/ring and an actual Magic Powder bag. There’s also some magnets.

There’s also a couple of new Switch game cases, but they’re certainly less interesting than the Zelda themed goods.

Hopefully one day our My Nintendo can start getting more of these types of things!

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  • Silly G
    September 23, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    At times like this, I really miss whatever little we got from Club Nintendo. I regret using up my remaining points on downloadable games instead of more Kirby dream blankets (I only ever ordered the one and couldn’t possibly bear to use it as I cannot replace it). The two Game & Watch Collections were also a nice exclusive novelty, but with digital distribution being the norm, not to mention ridiculously cheap (the G&W Collections required expensive peer-reviewed classification as well!), it is extremely unlikely that we’ll ever see the likes of such a tangible reward ever again. I also skipped a lot of rewards in anticipation of something better, and I was quite angry at the fact that games are routinely removed from their shrink wrap at retail, as I have had some eligible Nintendo-published Wii/DS games that did not include the Club Nintendo points cards (and some during the 3DS era had gone to waste due to not redeeming them in time). Nowadays, claiming my gold coins is usually the first thing I do with Switch games, though LRG games (and the like) are usually ineligible, including games that have not had a physical release outside of Europe.

    It is perhaps worth pointing out that EB are including a Link’s Awakening refrigerator magnet sheet as a bonus (this was never stipulated on the website as a bonus or a pre-order incentive) for both SKUs of the game, so it may be worth the extra tenner for those who seek them.

  • Medrad
    September 24, 2019 at 4:58 am

    I agree with you there Silly!

    I can’t remember exactly what came from my points, but I think I got a Majoras’ Mask light. Did the golden Wii-chuk come from Club Nintendo? I can’t remember, but I do remember that I got some limited items through it. Maybe a real Ocarina to play? Gosh, thinking about it, it seemed so long ago I can’t remember.

    One of the original items was the Mario themed micro-fibre towels, which looked cool but I never got them. Oh well… maybe a physical rewards shop will exist once again.

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