More Wii U specs revealed, some remain a mystery

by Daniel MillerSeptember 13, 2012

Nintendo has revealed some partial specs for the Wii U, namely, a massive 2GB of RAM split between the operating system and games.

The Wii U will have 1GB of RAM exclusively for use by the OS and 1GB that can be accessed by games. For comparison, the Xbox 360 only has 512MB of RAM in total.It seems a bit strange that the OS would need 1GB of RAM, but maybe that will become clear by the time we start seeing how it runs in person. The extra RAM could be used for a very extensive multi-tasking feature or maybe released for developer use in the future.

The other good news is the specs of Wii U’s 25GB discs. The discs are able to transfer data at a rate of 22.5MB/s. That’s fast, and will result in quick loading times. In comparison, the Xbox 360 can read discs at about 10-16MB/s, while the PS3 reads discs at 9MB/s.

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  • Jabjabs
    September 13, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    It really does puzzle me as to why that much RAM is being used for the OS, hopefully we will know all come launch. It’s either that or they will do like Sony did with the PS3 and just reserve a large amount on launch then free it up as they figure out what is needed and what isn’t. 1GB is very decent for games but you could never complain about more 😀

    As for the disc drive that would put it at about the same as a 6x Blu ray drive today which means it should produce equal amount of sound as the original Wii with its 6x DVD drive. That said high speed access speeds is going to be awesome for load times, although we are still looking at around 50 seconds to pack the RAM full it just doing a pure stream into memory.

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