More travel items featuring Mario and crew are coming

by Luke HendersonJuly 26, 2019

Proving once again that Nintendo Japan knows what they are doing, they have announced the next wave of travel-related items, featuring Mario and some of the Mushroom Kingdom gang, from Suitcases, to toiletry bags and more, there is a lot to see.

The first item in this new wave is a backpack that can actually be folded down, into a much smaller shape, as shown in the image below. You can see that on the zips, one has a mushroom and the other a Goomba and they work here as they do in the game. If Mario touches the mushroom, the bag expands from its compact form into the regular size, but if he hits the Goomba, the bag can shrink back to its more suitcase friendly size.

When you pack a suitcase, there is alway the risk of it not wanting to stay shut, especially if you have packed a lot and a suitcase belt, will help ensure that it stays closed. This one, also has the benefit of being quite stylish and will make locating your bag on the carousel a lot easier.

A trend lately has been to pack clothes and such into bags that can help itemise your suitcase, another are these rolling bags. The new Question Block and POW Block bags are vacuum-less vacuum bags, you only need to place the close in, then roll it out, to push out the air and done.

Taking a trip anywhere requires items for personal hygiene and let’s face it, most toiletry bags are a bit on the bland side, plus you have to then unpack them when you get to your destination.

Not anymore though, as the new Lakitu hanging bag means that you can pack your items in it, then simple unzip and then hang Lakitu in your hotel room and there you have everything at reach.

If you have a need to bring some liquids on your trip, this resealable clear bag, with four bottles, will make that possible. What you put in the bottles is up to you, but when you place them in the bag, you will see more characters have joined the underwater scene. (Please note, most airlines won’t let you take this with you on the plane, so it will need to go in the suitcase)

Any sort of international travel, will require a Passport and take it from someone who has damaged there’s, replacing them is not cheap. So you will want to protect yours to the best of your ability and these stylish pouches will do that for you.

Finally, we have the large and impressive suitcase, featuring a pixelated Mario in a Warp Pipe, the case is available in Wine Red or Grey. On the back side of it, is a print of assorted 8-bit items and characters, including a Bowser.

The case is a hardshell, so it has some rigidity to it, in addition for security, it comes with a TSA approved security lock, which has two parts to the zip, Mario and a Warp Pipe, so when you lock it, they meet.

The inside of the suitcase has a lot of Undergound items printed throughout, complete with securing straps and a mesh pouch. The zips for the pouch are coins as well, for a little extra class.

Buying them for yourself is possible, as they are all up on the Amazon Japan site, you just need to use a re-shipper to have it sent to Australia.

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