Monster Hunter Rise limited time demo out today, plus tons of new info

Monster Hunter Rise just got a big Direct-style presentation, and the main news: you can play (some of) it today.

Update: The demo is now available to download here.

During the Monster Hunter Digital Event, Capcom revealed a slew of new information about Rise, including the release of a limited-time playable demo, which will be available on the Nintendo eShop from today until the 1st of February. The demo takes you through the basics of Monster Hunting in Rise, and offers four quest types: a beginner quest, an intermediate quest, and two types of tutorial quests. It’ll also let you explore the Shrine Ruins, an early location in the game, and lets you play either solo or online with friends.

Also revealed was a bunch of new information about Capcom’s latest entry in the hit Monster Hunter series, including the reveal of a bunch of new and returning monsters for you to hunt, icy new locations, and . Another exciting feature is Wyvern Riding, which allows you to saddle up a wild Wyvern and take it for a spin — and fight other monsters with it. It looks absolutely hectic, and you’ll get to try it out in the demo.

You can watch the presentation below.

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on the 26th of March, and is available to preorder on the eShop and at retail for $79.95 for the standard edition. As always, we’ll have an Aussie Bargain Roundup for the game as we get closer to release.

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