Masahiro Sakurai on Smash Bros Wii U – ‘wait a while longer’


Masahiro Sakurai has already told us once we’ll be waiting for Super Smash Bros Wii U news and now he’s come out and made a new statement on the matter.

“To put it succinctly, I’ll need to have you guys wait a while longer” he’s told readers of Famitsu in his column in the magazine.

He also won’t be tweeting much in the meantime, in his words “I hardly ever write anything on Twitter any longer, and that’s because I think right now is the time to stop tweeting and start putting in a real effort here. If I could put it a really harsh way, I think it’d be better if I could be forgotten by gamers for a while.”.

Sakurai is also sick of people speculating about his tweets. “I don’t like it when a tweet or whatever leads to needless speculation getting spread around. For example, when I tweet about playing some game, some people immediately get the idea that that character is in the new Smash Bros. Then people fan the flames on it, people start to think it’s really true, people get angry about it. Nobody benefits.”

Sounds like Sakurai just wants to get his head in the game and get creating, this also sounds like we might not be seeing anything Smash Bros related at all this year, it’s going to be a long time away. “Instead of talking about what Smash Bros. will be like, I’m just going to say ‘I’m making you wait for it!’ and keep going along. I want to put my all into a full-on launch that really makes that wait worth it.”

It’ll be worth it.

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