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From Nintendo’s American development studio in Washington comes Mario vs. Donkey Kong, What they have done this time how ever is taken the normal Donkey Kong arcade game and added some news moves and abilities and as well as some puzzling bit and also kept the feel of the original Arcade games. There is a pretty dodgy story behind the game but don‚Äôt let that stop you from enjoying a fun filled game. The Story is that DK is up to no good again and that because the stores had sold out of the new Mini-Mario (mecha little things that look like Mario) toys DK goes on a rampage and decides to steal them.

The sprites used for Mario VS Donkey Kong suck the 3D draw sprites all though well animated just don‚Äôt suit the game. I would have of preferred and older blockier cartoon look like the original game as the rest of the game is like that. Not so say that there bad, there excellent animated and look wicked, but it is good to see NST go with another direction of graphics However there is not much else to complain about the visuals department, the FMV’s are cool and the overall presentation of the game are good. Those FMV’s there full of voices and the visuals of them look like the graphics from Smash Bros Melee.

The music is your simple Mario or Donkey Kong fair, but the most impressive is the Sound Effects! Most of them are lifted from the arcade and still work well today! However the voices and this is the case with a lot of Nintendo games now, they are just too Damned Repetitive. For exemple Mario’s voice is played every-time you do something and the music some of it is new stuff some of it is old remixed stuff but suits the game.!

The Game Levels are splits into your basic World 1 Level 1 then World 1 Level 2 as standard on most Mario games. The first part of the level see’s you doing the puzzle’s pressing the buttons and finding your way to the key, after finding the key and going through the door you go onto the next part of the level which is to recuse the mini Mario toy. At the end of each world about 6 levels you then go into battle with donkey Kong the old fashioned way like in the Original Game. And just so you know there is no Mario Bros’s Game included in this one
(Thank God for that).

The game starts out easy enough with the first time your playing is a couple of tutorials and just some basic switch puzzles to get you started. Not to say this is a bad as this is an initial introduction to the game. However the game does get harder later on in the game. As for the value of this game… well you don‚Äôt get the level editor that was in the E3 version, no big there but there is no multi-player at all but with 48 levels with an extra hard mode later on after finishing the first and breaking the records. And with two Hidden Games in it I’d say it‚Äôs a pretty good deal.

Final Comments

Graphics 8.0

Gameplay 9.0

Sound 8.0

Tilt 9.9

Value 9.0

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong isn't a bad game, it's not a great game either. It is however really fun and will give your brain a good work out.

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