Mario Party: Island Tour dated for Europe

During the latest Nintendo Direct some new information was revealed about Mario Party: Island Tour.

Featuring seven new tropical themed game boards and 80 all new mini games, the series return will also feature some single player modes for those players that are lacking human competitors. A time attack mode will task the player with completing ten mini games in a row as fast as they possibly can. If they perform extra well some precious seconds will be shaved off their final time.

Another single player mode is the Mini Game Tower. With thirty floors of challenging minigames to complete, players will also have to face off against one of Bowser’s minions every fifth floor. A new way to play against others is through the Streetpass minigame mode.

You will be able to collect the data of up to ten Streetpass players, whose ghosts will appear for you to compete against the next time you play. For those looking to get the ultimate competitive experience, the great news is that you can play multiplayer with up to four players using just one copy of the game thanks to the Download Play feature.

Mario Party: Island Tour releases on January 17th 2014 in Europe, hopefully it’s the day after here in Australia.

It’s out the same day as A Link Between Worlds and Super Mario 3D World in America though, ouch.

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