Mario Kart Wii info explosion – controls & online and more

If youre still thinking about Super Smash Brothers Brawl then perhaps you should refocus your attention to a game that is more likely to come out this half of the year. Mario Kart Wii is the next chapter in the Mario Kart series and has created a stir amognst Nintendo fans with a new controller and promised full online support. Several online media groups have gotten some hands on with Mario Kart Wii, including IGN, and discovered a few new secrets about the game that is set to be a global success. Details Inside
To begin it was revealed that all controller inputs, including the Classic Controller and Gamecube controller will be compatible. The game will register what input you are using when you turn on the machine. So good news for fans that were worrying if it would be exclusively tied to the Wheel. Speaking of the Wheel, Nintendo said that their testers felt it was the best way to play the game.

The Grand Prix mode is back, naturally but with a twist. 50cc will be tied exclusively to the karts, 100cc will incoporate the exclusive use of the Motorbikes and 150cc will allow for use of any vehicle. Other modes returning are Battle, offline and online as well as a massivelly beefed up online mode that will allow 12 players to go head to head for the first time in Nintendo history. To top it off youll be able to go online with a friend on the same Wii system.

The game will incoporate a deep stat tracking system through an inbuilt Mario Kart Wii Channel. Here youll be able to find out mischallaneous stats like distance travelled and wifi battles played as well as your fastest times and win/loss records. Its going to be pretty in depth, awesome stuff.

To top off an already awesome package the game will commence with 12 characters, including famed Koopa and Baby Peach. Each character will start with 6 vehicles, 3 karts and 3 motorbikes. And then there are at least 32 tracks, with 16 new and 16 classic. And as a final treat there will be new items as well as returning favourites from Mario Kart: DS such as the Bullet Bill.

Be sure to check out IGNs impressions here. In the meantime stay tuned to Vooks as we will be hot on this game when it releases in America in Q2.

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