Mario Golf: Advance Tour (GBA) Review

Mario Golf was released on the GBC more then three years or four years ago and it was a brilliant game back then with the limitations of the old GBA. The game offered a really good RPG story mode and the golfing wasnt too bad either. Now comes the second version of the game on the GBA and with less limitations on the GBA Camelot has taken the opportunity to produce a new version for the new console and they’ve done it perfectly.

Ever played that game called Golden Sun? Well if you have you will recognise the graphics straight away as the graphical style is very similar. Camelot being the smart people they are have made a game with the engines in it one which is the course overview which is a mode 7 engine which gives you the overall look of the course and then the other engine which is behind the player as they are taking there swing. It is possible with a combination of both these engines to view the entire course and improved your shots because you know exactly were you are.

The menus and GUI have the usual Nintendo look and are well polished.

A rather good selection of tunes and sound effects for the game were chosen and although there are you usual Nintendo type music and if youve played a Mario Golf game before you will know what I am saying. The sound effects are well used and sound and the voices are well used in the game.

The golfing physics of the game are similar to the GBA older brother version on the Gamecube. Players use an overhead map of the course, placing a point of the fairway (hopefully) Then they select there club and the distance is calculated by what the club is able to use. The players then use the bar down the bottom to gauge how hard they are actually hitting the ball. If its off a little the ball will adjust and go off target. There is also the wind you have to take in as well as other obstacles that Camelot have added in the “Star” mode such as Warp Pipes, Mario Kart Zips (the arrows on the floor that make you go fast) there is also special course were Piranha Plants spit out the ball back on the fair if you go off.

Of course its not just a Golf game there is that RPG element which you use to make your golfer more accurate, powerful etc which in VS games can make you have the edge of your competitors. Although there is this RPG element its not the biggest part of the Game the golf is!

While I have an rough estimation of the how long the game will take to complete in not going to give it to due to the fact that you only get out what you put into the game. If you rush though it not talking to the NPCs and rush just to finish the game of course you are going to be feeling ripped off but take in the Connectivity, Wireless and Cable play (no wireless over here yet) all the different things you can unlock (course, golf clubs, new characters and special challenges) and not forgetting to mention all the different ways you can play golf (skins, standard stroke, singles and doubles challenges and vs.) this game you could play for a long long time.

Closing Comments
Playing Golf on a GBA let alone not playing it for real may be difficult for some people but behind the golf is a brilliant GBA game with a adventure to complete so you not just playing rounds and rounds of golf.

Graphics 9.0

Gameplay 9.9

Sound 9.0

Tilt 9.9

Value 9.9

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