A “lot more” third party announcements coming soon for Switch – Nintendo

by Daniel VuckovicFebruary 13, 2017

It’s not just the Switch on tour all around the world, the developers behind the games and the hardware team are also taking interviews as well.

A new interview from the Telegraph newspaper in the UK has surfaced featuring Shinya Takahashi (Director at Nintendo, General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development) and Yoshiaki Koizumi (Deputy General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development). They have been quizzed on a number of topics but the answers regarding the launch lineup and third party support stood out.

On that lineup, Zelda looks terrific, but there isn’t many games for day one. Does that not concern you?

Takahashi: Certainly we look at it not just from the perspective of what are the games available on launch day but what we have from a lineup perspective not just from this year but into next year as well. And speaking just about this year we have our launch games, Zelda and 1-2-Switch, and we’ve lined up so we’ve got great games launching in each season of this year. We’ll have Mario Kart shortly after launch, Arms in the Spring, the lineup continues after the holiday. This time we feel we’ve launched a system that has great games at launch in Zelda and 1-2-Switch but also a very strong lineup through the end of the year aswell.

Koizumi: As you know we’ve been focussed on development on first party games, but with Nintendo Switch we’ve also put a lot of energy into making third-party cooperation possible, and that includes a lot of attention paid to the development environment that we are provided to these partners as well as the middleware we create for them. Soon you will a lot more announcements from third-party partners.

What kind of things are you doing to help woo third-parties onto Switch?

Koizumi: I think a lot of it comes down to the development environment we’re providing because these are third-party providers that are bringing games to Nintendo hardware we want to do everything we can to make that experience comfortable for them including providing support for Unity or Unreal 4 which are platforms a lot of people are already using.

So one example I can give of this is SnipperClips which is made by a very small development team in England, which uses Unity so they were able to develop it very quickly.

Nintendo seems fairly confident about the lineup for 2017, we think so too. It’s again encouraging as well to see Nintendo talk up third party support, there’s probably a little more scepticism from us in that department. Prove everyone wrong Nintendo.

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  • Oliver Winfree
    February 14, 2017 at 8:44 am

    E3 is gonna be make or break for Nintendo, hopefully we’ll see solid third party games there.

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