Knockout City is bringing dodgeball to Switch, complete with cross-play support

A Nintendo Direct is a wonderful thing, even more so when an all-new game is revealed, which was the case for Knockout City, the next title from Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit developers Velan Studios.

The game is set to release on May 21st for Switch, along with PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with full support for the next generation of consoles. The game will also allow for cross-play on all platforms and complete cross-progression, so if you start on one platform and then move to another, all your unlocks go with you.

As for what the game is, basically it is competitive dodgeball, but rather than just being your average throwing ball experience, there are special balls, such as explosive ones and trap ones, along with moves like spinning and gliding to help you knockout the competition. 

Players can jump into the basic mode called Team KO, which if you could tell is a team mode where you and two other players will take on three other players on the maps. Other modes revealed so far are Diamond Dash, that requires you to collect diamonds from defeated players and Ball-up Brawl, which removes all the balls from the map and relies on your team working together, because at anytime you can roll into a ball yourself.

When the game is released a full trial will be made available, with access to all the modes, maps and progression, to really let you sample it. The other great news for this game is that while there are cosmetic items you can unlock, you can use the in game currency you earn for playing, to buy them, but even if you use your own money, there is NO advantage to them, they just make you look cooler.

We already got hands on with this title, so look for our early thoughts soon.

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