Kirby Star Allies launching on Switch in Autumn 2018

If you thought the Kirby news was done, think again. Announced in today’s Nintendo Direct was Kirby Star Allies, the official title for the Kirby Switch game that was revealed at E3.

Kirby Star Allies is your classic side-scrolling Kirby game… with a twist. You can now throw hearts at up to three enemies to have them join you as allies on your quest. On top of that, up to three friends can take control of the enemies you capture for some couch co-op fun. Also there’s a super buff King Dedede.

Kirby Star Allies is scheduled to launch in the US Spring of 2018, which is Autumn for us in the Southern Hemisphere. You can read the description below or skip to the bottom to watch King Dedede’s rippling muscles the new trailer. If the video doesn’t automatically jump to the relevant section, the timestamp is 35:40.

The pink puff is back ‚Äď in HD ‚Äď and he’s not alone.

Kirby is back ‚Äď and he‚Äôs finally on the¬†Nintendo Switch¬†console in HD! But this time, he‚Äôs not alone. Recruit enemies by hitting them with hearts, and gather helpers for a party of up to four characters. On top of that, you can join with up to three friends for a different kind of team-up action!


  • The newest Kirby title comes to the Nintendo Switch console in HD
  • Recruit up to three enemies as helpers by hitting them with hearts
  • Returning copy abilities include Sword, Fire, Water, Bomb, Broom and many more!
  • Imbue copy abilities with different elements, such as wind, water, fire and electricity, by borrowing or giving them to helpers to add more attack power, unleash powerful attacks, or solve puzzles
  • Up to four players can join in with the horizontal Joy-Con controller configuration, or eight Joy-Con with four Joy-Con grips
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