Kellogg’s and Mario partner up for cereal with amiibo functionality

That's some cereal-ously cool news!

New In Box amiibo collectors are going to be in for a shock when they see that an upcoming amiibo is actually a box. Cereal enthusiast blog Cerealously has reported on an upcoming Super Mario Odyssey-branded cereal that has a peculiar twist – the box will have a sticker on it that will act as an amiibo and have some form of yet-to-be-revealed amiibo functionality. The cereal will consist of oats and Mario-themed marshmallow bits that resemble key Mario series icons like mushrooms and ? Blocks. You can view a potentially unfinished version of the box art below.

Since originally posting the news it has allegedly been confirmed by Kellogg’s Twitter account in a direct message to a reader of the site, and listings for the cereal have begun to appear in the systems of some retailers. This promotion is likely to be restricted to America at first, but hopefully it will reach Australia in some form. Special Skylanders Battlecast cards were given away in boxes of General Mills cereal in the US and then showed up in packets of Maggi Noodles here, so it’s entirely possibly that we get this amiibo sticker through a different means altogether.

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