Indivisible hits Switch, surprising both fans and developers

The latest game by indie studio Lab Zero — the studio founded by the team that brought you Skullgirls — has gotten a surprise release on Switch today. So surprising, in fact, that Lab Zero found out about it on Twitter.

Published by 505 Games, action RPG Indivisible has launched today on the Nintendo Switch eShop in North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, surprising both eager fans and the developers of the game themselves. Project lead Mike Zaimont posted to Twitter earlier today, expressing shock that the game had launched out of nowhere without any PR or prior announcement of the date.

Feel like you missed the announcement? You’re not alone, our team found out because people on Twitter sent us congratulations! I had no idea!

Mike Zaimont on Twitter

The plot thickens even more in later tweets from Zaimont, who says that while the Switch version of the game runs well, it’s running an old build that seemingly wasn’t supposed to be the version that launched. That means it’s missing key features like New Game+, co-operative play, or many other features introduced since the game launched on other platforms in October last year, and according to Zaimont, it’s even got the wrong image as its key art on the eShop.

This launch does not represent the quality standards of Lab Zero. It just doesn’t. I’m sorry. It wasn’t us.

Mike Zaimont on Twitter

Indivisible was also slated for a physical release on Switch at some point, as well as being available to Indiegogo backers, but later tweets show that even that information is completely unknown to the developers of the game. It’s certainly a peculiar situation.

Indivisible was one of the earliest indie games announced for the Switch, being originally announced for the console all the way back in June of 2017 and initially slated for a 2018 release. Fellow Vooks writer Luke went hands-on with the game at E3 2018, when it was scheduled for a 2019 release, and had nothing but praise for it.

While I knew about the game, thanks to its cool name, having now played it, I am psyched to play it some more, it scratches my Metroidvania itch, but adds a deep and complex combat system on top.

E3 2018: HANDS ON WITH INDIVISIBLE – Luke Henderson

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