Immense amount of Hyrule Warriors details emerge

Hot off the heels of the announcement a few days ago, Nintendo and Famitsu have revealed the details of the Ocarina of Time elements that make up Hyrule Warriors. As we mentioned previously, each major update of information for the game comes from a specific Zelda game. Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess have had their chance to be shown off in recent times, and rumour has it that Ocarina of Time is going to be the final reveal for the game.

Nintendo Everything were kind enough to translate all the juicy details about the game from the latest issue of Famitsu, so let’s jump straight into them.

First off is Sheik. Her battle style is fast and agile, and she can “play” with her enemies using Ninja-like movement. Sheik’s demeanor in conversation implies that she knows more than she let’s on – and Hyrule Warriors allegedly does not mention that Sheik is Zelda. She will appear in the Story Mode to Link and his friends and suggests they co-operate.


She can use these elements to drop flaming boulders onto enemies and summon lightning storms. She carries a Harp as her main weapon, with knives as a back-up. the Harp itself can be used to assign elemental attributes to her attacks, and then attacking with that element.

Next up is Darunia, the leader of the Gorons from Ocarina of Time. He has superhuman strength and wields the Megaton Hammer in battle. Through certain moves, Darunia can even summon the power of fire – such as a body slam attack which sends rings of fire out at the enemies. Of course, being a Goron, he can also utilise a rolling attack in battle as well.


Last but definitely not least, is the Water Sage herself, Princess Ruto of the Zora people. All grown up, Princess Ruto uses her mastery of her element in battle. She can summon water to aid her movement and attacks, as well as use the energy from landing attacks to power her water projectiles.


Both Lana and Impa have received new updates for their character too. Impa’s second weapon is a gigantic Halberd, embued with the power of the flames. Using it, she can attack enemies and create walls of fire to narrow enemy movement patterns or even summon dragons of flames to burn them to the ground.

Lana can use a mystical branch to channel the power of the Deku Tree – she fights with Deku Seeds, leaves and roots to attack in this variation. Lana can even plant Deku Seeds in the ground, and when they grow to maturation, they’ll follow her and attack for her. Mischevious players can even ride the Deku Tree while it’s growing in it’s infancy – and Lana has crowd control options too – she can use the Deku Leaf (from The Wind Waker) to blow enemies away.

Other elements from Ocarina of Time will be making an appearance too – including Lake Hylia, Death Mountain and a brand new and updated version of Faron Woods. To top it all off, the team have also revealed screenshots of a new and improved Gohma enemy to battle. Gold Skulltullas will be making a comeback as collectibles too, with 100 to collect in the game.

Finally, all characters can find and use the Boomerang from Ocarina of Time in the game, and with the right procedures, can be upgraded to the Gale Boomerang to whisk enemies into the air. Last but not least, screenshots show the alternative costumes for Zelda and Link in action – Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time variants exist for the characters, and are included with the game’s special edition in Japan.

Phew! That’s definitely a lot of stuff to take in, but Hyrule Warriors is certainly packed to the brim with fan service! What are you thoughts on the newest reveals of the game? Let us know in the comments.

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