Hori has a new Split Pad for Switch and it’s looking Fit

Fit Split Pad.


We’re big fans of Hori’s Split Pad Pro here at Vooks and happy to report they’re working on an entirely new model. Dubbed the Split Pad Fit, this new model takes what we and everyone loves about the Split Pad Pro and just trims it up a bit.

The new design is a little less chunky and reduces the overall width of the system when attached a few centimetres. The design is a little more like a more comfortable Joy-Con and less like a Pro Controller.

There’s four new colours as well, including a Light Grey x Yellow, Mint Green x White, Midnight Blue and Apricot Red. Like the original Split Pad Pro, there is no HD Rumble or NFC functions.

So far these have only been announced for Japan with pricing around $50AUD. Hopefully we’ll see all of them filter their way over here eventually. We’ll find out for you!

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