Here’s where you can watch the Splatoon 2 Cup AUNZ Grand Final

The time has come for Australia and New Zealand’s best Inkling warriors to battle it out for Splatoon 2 glory.

At 1:00pm AEST, ANZ’s top two teams — Yeah Nah and ScarthAce — will take to the stage at Supanova in Melbourne to compete for the title of Australian and New Zealand Splatoon 2 Cup, Champions. The winning team will have the opportunity to travel to E3 2018 in Los Angeles in June to compete against the best of the best from Europe, Japan, and North America in the Splatoon 2 World Championship. They’ll also score unique custom Pro Controller trophies.

For those unable to attend today’s Grand Final in person, ESL Australia will be broadcasting the whole thing live on their Twitch channel:

Nintendo Australia has also given us a brief description of the competing teams.

Team Yeah Nah

Sharing a namesake with the most Australian of colloquialisms, Yeah Nah took the victory in Online Qualifier #1 of the 2018 AUNZ Splatoon 2 Cup.

Yeah Nah’s Charger main, Latias, competed in last year’s E3 2017 Splatoon World Inkling Invitational with Blue Ringed Octolings… and will vie to introduce her new teammates to the world stage when they take on ScarthAce this Saturday.

Team ScarthAce

Last year’s AUNZ Splatoon Cup final runners-up, ScarthAce, are back for their second shot at grand final victory, having won Online Qualifier #2 of the 2018 AUNZ Splatoon 2 Cup.

Not only do ScarthAce comprise the competition’s two remaining New Zealanders, but in a display of great showmanship, Clash Blaster wielder Spaceman accompanied Blue Ringed Octolings to E3 last year as their sub player for the Splatoon World Inkling Invitational.

The Vooks Team wishes the best of luck to both teams.

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