Hard to find a Nintendo Switch? Why not make your own as this person did

It’s not easy to find a Nintendo Switch in stores anywhere in the world right now. Between COVID-19 and simply demand for Animal Crossing supplies have been tight for months.

When Reddit user Sarbaaz couldn’t find a console for their friend, enraged by the obscene markup on the second-hand market they decided they would try and make one themselves from spare parts.

This isn’t a Switch-like console, no Sarbaaz ordered all the individual spare parts to make up a Switch from China, and from eBay. These parts arrived over several weeks.

Finished Product

Sarbaaz has even documented the process and posted it to Imgur.

This was a fun project to keep me busy during the quarantine while not breaking the bank. I mostly just hate the idea of buying a switch at an inflated price and encouraging scalpers to continue buying up products in order to cause a shortage and make money.

So should you or could you do this yourself? Sarbaaz has listed the prices of all the separate components he bought. In January it ends up being about the same price as a Switch console (in America). However now with COVID-19 and the trouble getting stuff out of China prices have almost doubled.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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