Happy New Year from the Vook team! Bring on 2015!

Wow, what a huge year in gaming, a huge year for Nintendo and a huge year for us here at Vooks!

Before we go to give ourselves a pat on the back we’d just like to say without the terrific readers of Vooks we wouldn’t bother to do the site. You are all a terrific bunch of people and it brings no amount of pride to us that people actually like what we do. It’s amazing fun!

We’d also like to thank all the developers and publishers who support us year in and year out – most especially Nintendo Australia really are our buddies. This year though I’d like to thank in addition to Nintendo the amount of indie developers we’re now in contact with – they’re really making the 3DS and Wii U great places to game. Bravo to you guys.

Finally to all of those who have chose to support us via Patreon or by buying a Vooks shirt. For the first time in forever Vooks now runs close to making some money. We’re not there yet but if you want to help out, you know where to.

Now onto the fun part, telling you how well we did in 2014!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.39.25 am

We smashed it out the park last year, but this year we’ve done even better. The combination of Mario Kart 8, new Pokemon games, Super Smash Bros on two consoles AND getting that New Nintendo 3DS before the rest of the world has made for an interesting year.
Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.46.09 am
We covered some pretty big news in 2014, your favourite though was our editorial on Why the Game Boy Advance isn‚Äôt on the 3DS Virtual Console. From people just not plain understanding the hardware of the console, to those still holding out in hopes and dreams this story got the most attention. We now know that through the hacking of the 3DS Game Boy Advance games are able to be ‘played’ on the Nintendo 3DS – but they’re still not perfectly emulated, no matter what they say.

1. Why the Game Boy Advance isn’t on the 3DS Virtual Console РLink

2. New 3DS and 3DS XL models incoming ‚Äď improved screens, new buttons, second stick, NFC built in – Link

3. Aussie Bargain Roundup: Find the New Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS XL Cheap – Link

4. [April Fools] Nintendo returns to virtual reality with the Virtual DS, successor to the Virtual Boy – Link

5. RIP: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is now officially offline – Link

The amount of people still commenting on the 5th story too is quite humorous. We’re not Nintendo, we can’t turn Wi-Fi Connection back on sorry!

¬†So that’s all from us, see you next year. Which is like in under 12 hours from now, not long to go!

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  • AaronNintenMan69
    January 3, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    Judging from the list, you should be a secret Sony fanboy more often. Gotta get those blind Nintendo fans into your trap with that logic and reason.

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