Google employee behind multiple Nintendo YouTube leaks report reveals

From inside the house.


As soon as gaming events, including Nintendo Directs, are scheduled on YouTube, there seem to be leaks regarding their contents—and now we know where some of them are coming from, at least: Google’s own employees. 

Thanks to a report published by 404 Media and using data from Google itself, it found that a Google contractor was leaking early information from uploaded videos on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. This isn’t the most egregious misuse of information from Google employees, but the report specifically called out this Nintendo example. 

The report says the “Google employee deliberately leaked private Nintendo information”. They also downloaded the video with an admin account and shared the unreleased video with a friend. Bizarrely, the report also says this incident was “non-intentional“. 

According to The Verge, Google says all of the issues in this report have been resolved, but that doesn’t seem to stop everything from leaking out almost immediately after videos are scheduled. 

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