Get into the Record books with Mario in Melbourne

Mario is leaving for his next adventure and he wants to say a final goodbye. Theres also a unique prize up for grabs

With the upcoming release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on July 1, Mario and his best friend, TV and radio personality Jabba, want to celebrate by establishing a Guinness World Record. The record will be for the most amount of hugs by a mascot character in 20 minutes, Mario hopes to hug at least 108 people. The current record is held by Teddy McHuggin (aka Jeff Ondash), a mascot for the American Heart Foundation.

Every hugger who helps with the record attempt will get a photo with Mario and be one of the first in Australia (and we use the term loosely) to play Super Mario Galaxy 2. There will also be prizes for best dressed in a Super Mario Galaxy 2 theme, and other competitions throughout the morning.

And one of the great prizes has been revealed, it’s a signed copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Who has signed it? Well none other than Shigeru Miyomoto, you may have heard of him.

So if you’re down in Melbourne and wanna be part of the fun, head on over to the Nintendo Connection at EB Games, Swanston Street, at 7am on July 1. Let’s just hope that the Brits don’t steal this one away from us too.

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Super Mario takes off into the Galaxy – Give him a hug goodbye!


Mario is jetting off into the galaxy on 1 July and we want you to send him off with a final hug! In fact, we want to establish a record.

To celebrate the much anticipated launch of Super Mario Galaxy 2, (available in stores July 1) Mario himself, and TV and radio personality Jabba will be at The Nintendo Experience, EB Games, Swanston Street, Melbourne at 7:00am, July 1 to establish the record for the most amount of hugs by a mascot character in 20 minutes!

The current world record was established by a 51 year old Ohio man, Jeff Ondash on Valentine’s Day 2010. Jeff hugged an amazing 7,777 in a 24 hour period outside the Paris Las Vegas hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Unfortunately Mario needs a rest after 20 minutes (it’s tiring jumping around and collecting all those coins)! For this reason, Mario will hope to hug more than 108 people in 20 minutes to establish a new record for a character mascot.

To commemorate this, every hugger who attends on the day will get their own personal photo of the occasion and will be one of the first in Australia to experience the spectacular new items and new stages of the 3D galactic video game, Super Mario Galaxy 2. They will be the first to run, jump and fly through a 3D dazzling galaxy, bursting with imagination.

Plus everyone that purchases or collects their pre-order copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 from EB Games Swanston Street on 1 July, between 7am – 8:30am will have their chance to win a signed copy of the game, by Mr Miyomoto!!! This is a unique copy, signed by the genius behind Mario. Make sure you pre-order your copy today at EB Games, Swanston Street for your chance to WIN!

Please note, you must be at EB Games, Swanston Street, Melbourne for the draw at 8:30am, July 1, to collect the signed game if you are the lucky winner.

There will also be giveaways up for grabs for the best dressed, as well as competitions throughout the morning. So get your best Super Mario Galaxy 2 themed outfits ready and be part of the fun on July 1!


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