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Usually the week after a Direct, we are in a sort of limbo, while people digest the news given out, but it seems the Switch is immune to that, as not only did we get games announced the day after, looking at you One Piece, but we have another 18 this week.¬† But enough from me, let’s get dangerous, I mean let’s get started.


Decay of Logos

Rising Star Games has announced that they bringing¬†Amplify Creations’ Decay of Logos to Switch later this year. The game is an action-RPG that takes a lot of its inspiration from European Folklore and in it, players will get to venture across a vast and interconnected world. Players will take on the role of a girl, who after her village is attacked by one of the King’s sons, she sets out to seek her revenge, but as soon as she sets out, she meets an Elk, who joins her on her quest.


Last Day of June

505 Games and Ovosonico‚Äôs 2017 hit Last Day of June is coming to Switch. The game is a poignant journey that has you joining Carl and June on what begins as a magical outing to their favorite spot, as they try to unlock the sequence of events that could save the day ‚Äď and June‚Äôs life. In this artistic experience, players will solve emotionally challenging puzzles in an attempt to turn back time, compelling them to ask themselves ‚ÄúWhat would you do to save the one you love?‚ÄĚ



Lode Runner Legacy

Originally released on Steam last year, Famistu has announced that Lode Runner Legacy will be coming to Switch. This is the latest entry in the series that is older than Mario, originally released back in 1983 and has players infiltrate the evil empire in order to recover stolen gold, all the while avoiding enemies and traps. The trailer below is for the PC release and will give you an idea on what to expect, no word on if the level creator will make it into the Switch version though.


OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

Flyhigh Works is keeping their Switch presence active, with the announcement of Opus Rocket of Whispers coming to the platform and is from the same team who gave us OPUS: The Day We Found Earth last year on Switch. ORoW follows the story of two aliens, who travel across a world of ice and snow, through burned down ruins and treacherous peaks, in the hopes of building and launching a rocket that will reach the stars. You will need to help them achieve the unimaginable goal of building a rocket so they can return the deceased to their cosmic homeland through the ancient tradition of space burials. The game itself is out on Switch, next week as well, and has a pre-order discount going if you wanted to pick it up.



Devious Dungeon

Another game from publisher Ratalaika Games, Devious Dungeon will see you venturing into a completely randomized dungeon, in order to acquire the best loot, to get better gear, which in turn will allow you to descend even further. Your ultimate goal is to take down all of the monsters that have taken up residence within the dungeon, just how far will you get? Originally released for mobile devices, the game is coming to Switch sometime this year.


Desert Child

Akupara Games has partnered with indie developer Oscar Brittain to bring the racing RPG Desert Child to Switch, later in 2018. The game can be played solo or with a friend in co-op, but no matter which way you play, you will get to experience earth once its ruined, taking part in races to earn money, which you will need to invest in upgrades, to win bigger races and earn more money. The ultimate aim is to leave Earth and move to Mars, but when you need to work, pay rent and more, the money will always seem to go elsewhere.


The Bunker

Remember those games in the 90s that were made up entirely of video clips with interactive paths over the top?

Well, they’re back in pog form! The Bunker tells the story of John, the last survivor in a nuclear bunker. The game is entirely live action and filmed in a real decommissioned nuclear bunker. The Bunker will be out on April 9th.


Ground Shatter’s RICO is coming to the Switch later this year thanks to Rising Star Games. This “arcade style, first-person shooter” is inspired by modern action cinema. You play as police partners as you try and crack a case on an elite organised crime task force.

The game features online-cop and offline split-screen play as well, there’s a daily case each day – oh all of the cases, operations and environments are randomly generated.

If you were wondering RICO stands for the ‘Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations’ act.


Welcome to the Information Superhighway

Tomorrow Corporation only just announced a game a couple of weeks ago with 7 Billion Humans. That hasn’t stopped them, however, announcing another one.

What is this internet highway all the kids are faxing about these days? Can I go on an incredible road trip and make lots of broken new friends along the way? Isn’t Tomorrow Corporation made of three grumpy old people who don’t know how to use social media? Yes!

Welcome to the Information Superhighway there’s no video yet just some concept art and if this one isn’t coming to the Switch we’ll eat a shoe.


Curve Digital has announced has picked up the rights to make a game based on the Netflix show Narcos. The game is being developed by Kuju Entertainment. Nintendo fans will recognize that name from the Art Academy series, House of the Dead: Overkill and Battalion Wars.

There’s nothing more than a 10-second logo but it’s promised for PC and all platforms. We’re going to assume that’s the Switch too.


Atari Flashback Classics

While this one is announced, that is all we know. In a press email that went out for Atari, getting people organised for GDC this month, a single line announced the title.

New franchises are being developed for the Nintendo Switch (including RollerCoaster Tycoon, Atari Flashback Classic); these games will be distributed by partners from Christmas 2018

That is it, we have no other details on what the Flashback will include, but one hopes it is a compilation of all the previously released Flashback Classic collections, rather than just the first volume.



The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

Thanks to a listing on the Japanese eShop, we know The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is coming to Switch. The game is in chapters, with the first being the only one announced so far, if you check our local eShop it is not listed there yet, but as the game is actually made in England, the odds of it coming are high. Players will assist explorator, Bertram Fiddle in this point and click adventure as he seeks out to stop a serial killer, with the horrible name of Geoff the murder.


Toki Tori

After having launched the sequel onto the Switch earlier this year, Two Tribes have announced that the first game is also coming and it will be here at the end of the month. Players will have to guide this chicken, who is surprisingly heroic, through over 80 levels, using a variety of powers, to make up for the fact he can’t jump. Two Tribes call this “Toki Tori for Switch is the most detailed portable version of the game so far.” Below is the Wii U trailer.


Shadow Bug

Muro Studios has announced that they are bringing their action platformer to Switch at the end of the month. Players will take the role of Shadow Bug, a ninja hero, who will have to slice through lots of monsters to pieces if he wants to save his forest home. The challenge is that in order to move, you have to attack, combine that with a wealth of puzzles to complete, combined with a wonderful silhouette look, the game is going to be something else.



Undercoders has announced they are bringing Infernium to Switch. The game is a non-linear first person survival horror, where you will dive in an interconnected beautiful portrait of hell, die in a prison without bars and overcome a brutal penitence. An agonizing anxiety-inducing experience that will shake you to the core.


Shape of the World

Shape of the World casts you as an outsider experiencing a surreal world that reacts to your presence. You will get to journey through vibrant ecosystems that spring to life with psychedelic colors, splashing waterfalls, luminous monoliths and graceful creatures.¬†A realm that leaves you free to progress at your own pace, without the incessant ticking of the clock. Find yourself pleasantly lost as you summit mountains, fly with whales, raise precipitous boardwalks and slide swiftly to new and ever stranger environments. But you won’t just be walking through the world, the world changes as you move, get close and a tree may appear, walk back and it fades, but walk forward again and this time something else may appear in that spot.


NAIRI: Tower of Shirin

HomeBearStudio has announced that they are going to bring their game NAIRI: Tower of Shirin to the Switch towards the end of 2018. The player follows Nairi, an abandoned upper-class girl, and Rex, a rugged scholar rat, as they adventure through the animal-inhabited oasis city of Shirin. As you explore dungeons and solve puzzles, you will collect items that you can then sell or trade, to help you progress further.



Teal Rocks Studio has announced that they are bringing DragoDino to Switch in April. Here players will need to take Bob, a DragoDino and guide him through the Forest Kingdom in a quest to recover his lost egg, which is stuck atop a giant tree. But the other critters are not going to make it easy, so combining power ups, letting you become a different DragoDino with new powers is going to be your key to success. The game will offer a two player mode as well, should you want to play with a friend.

And that is this week, 18 games announced and for it being the week after the Direct, that is a lot. Oh who am I kidding, that is a lot any week, any of these games grab your attention, there are a few that have mine. As always if you are making a Switch game and want to let us know, use the contact form, otherwise game on people.

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