Games announced for Switch this week – 1/10 – 7/10

by Luke HendersonOctober 7, 2018

Another quiet week again, things are slowly beginning to wrap for the year, but still except games to be announced, like Big Bash Boom, from the locals at Big Ant Studios, but we should no longer see 15+ games announced each week; games released though that is going to stay high. So without any additional delays, here are the games announced for Switch this week.


Xenon Racer

In an era of flying vehicles, a last one-off championship for traditional wheeled vehicles has been organised, with cutting edge electric cars boosted by Xenon gas. Rushing through treacherous turns as bright neon lights flash by, players drift through the futuristic streets of cities like Tokyo and Dubai. Resisting massive G-forces, they’ll have to demand the utmost of technology to race at breakneck speeds in the pursuit of eternal victory.


911 Operator

Specifically redesigned to optimize play on the Switch, 911 Operator includes scenarios in over 900 cities worldwide, with real layouts and infrastructure. Players assume the role of an emergency dispatcher who must rapidly deal with incoming reports. Your task is not just to pick up the calls, but also to react appropriately to the situation: sometimes giving first aid instructions is enough, at other times a police, fire department or paramedic intervention is necessary. The person on the other end of the line may be a dying daughter’s father, an unpredictable terrorist, or just a prankster.


Subdivision Infinity DX

Ready your ship and cruise the great expanse of space in over 40 engaging missions spread throughout 5 distinct locales. Hunt down and destroy enemy spacecraft, crush capital ships, mine asteroids for rare minerals, bounty hunt, and find blueprints to craft amazing new vessels. Experience an array of optional goals beyond the story’s main missions that will keep you cruising through, and exploring, the wilds of space.


The Others

Chronus Arc

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Puzzle Wall

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