Games announced for Switch this week – 08/04 – 13/04

by Luke HendersonApril 13, 2018

Another week of the year has gone past and while we have been given a number of great games already, the number of games announced for Switch keeps growing and these week adds more to the platform. Here we go…



The puzzle game has changed with Collapsus, join Leon the Chameleon as together you tilt, turn, flip, and crunch your way through multiple game modes, solo and multiplayer, and even more difficulty levels than you could imagine. So if you are into puzzle games, this is one to keep your eye on.


Horizon Chase

A love letter to 90’s arcade racers, Horizon Chase is coming to Switch, having released already on mobile devices. Get ready for a ride around the globe. Unlock and compete against great cars, discover some of the most beautiful places in the world.


The Adventures Of Bertram Fiddle Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement

Not a surprise here, but the second chapter of The Adventure of Bertram Fiddle is coming to Switch. The year is 1884 and World’s Leading Victorian Explorator, Bertram Fiddle is still struggling to find a suitable adventure. Bowing to his wife’s demands for a steady income he has been forced to take a job as a telegrammatical salesman in Dulsworth’s Soap Factory. But Mr. Dulsworth isn’t as squeaky clean as everyone thinks and soon Bertram finds himself embroiled in a mystery far bleaker than he could possibubbly imagine.




Originally released on mobile devices, Switch players Players will only need to have the game console to enjoy the game’s amazing, stunning visual effects, solve tricky puzzles and restore the balance of nature whenever and wherever they are.


Baobabs Mausoleum

In Baobabs Mausoleum Ovnifagos Don’t Eat Flamingos, players will get to take control of FBI agent Watracio Walpurgis in his adventures trying to escape from this eerie and gooey village. Meet strange and paranoid inhabitants, break up your brain to solve puzzles in the most hilarious and surrealistic situations, defeat the Wendigo, get mad with cosmic laser chickens, escape from monsters that went out by the night to search ufos to eat, discover thousands of secrets…


Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle

South Korean developer HandMade Games is bringing back their title Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle to Switch, after Nintendo fans already saw it released on 3DS and Wii. In a twisted mansion made of rooms that slide like puzzle pieces, player should find a way to the exit by moving rooms and using what’s inside them. As the player explores the mansion, various gadgets are introduced and make the puzzles more tricky and challenging.


With Friends Like These

Developed by Canberra based studio Shy Kids Club, players will get to experience a co-op game like nothing else. Two players will control a colour each, if you are pink, when you are in the air, you are in control of where you go and the person who is blue, shoots. However, should you fall into water, the roles reverse, with blue now taking the lead and pink manning the guns. You also have to match the colour bullets to the colour of your friends eyes and you need to know that, as its your fault that all of your friends are on a strange planet and freaking out.


Rival Megagun 

Later this year, players will be able to fight each other in Rival Megagun in a fun new way. The game is a competitive split-screen vertical shooting game (or shmup if you prefer). You will be able to transform into your Mega Gunship boss form to blast your rival head-on, power up your attacks to target them, while they are dodging some heavy enemy fire and more, in this retrofuture arcade shooter with a unique PVP twist.


Football Manager Touch

One that slipped under most everyone’s radar a few weeks back, was that Game Director Miles Jacobson announced on Twitter, that Football Manager Touch 2018 would be coming to Switch. If you are excited by this news, then this will make you happier, the game is out now on the eshop. For those new, the video below will give you an idea of what to expect.



Part platformer, part action-adventure and all gear grinding, Iconoclasts has players take on the role of Robin, who wants nothing more than to be a mechanic, but when something goes wrong, she will pick up her wrench and try to put the world back together again. The Switch version will come with some extras, namely in the form of a Boss Rush mode and the ability to change the difficulty on the fly, should you need it.


Quad Fighter K

In the far distant future, a mysterious alien race set its sights on nothing less than the conquest of the Earth and the total annihilation of the human race and you are a member of the team set to defend the planet. Developed by Aksys Games, players will get to jump into this 8-bit style shmup, either solo or with a friend and fight to save the planet, anytime, anywhere.



Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Darkstar Games has announced that not only is Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is coming to Switch, it will launch on the same day as other platforms. Players will take on the role of Adam, a soldier with a dark past, who to atone for his wicked crimes, must set out on a quest for redemption and face off against monstrous enemies based on the seven deadly sins. His vile deeds and history with these beasts will unfold as he draws closer to absolution.

That is all for this week, it seems the shmup or shooter games are the popular genre of the week, but with games like Sinner and Horizon Chase, there is something for everyone. As always, if you know of a game coming or are making it yourself, let us know.


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