Funko bringing a year of Pikachu figures to The Pokémon Center in the US

by Oliver BrandtFebruary 7, 2019

Late last year, Funko delivered a terrifying creature from the depths of the abyss Pikachu Pop Vinyl, which still adorns the shelves in most EB Games stores to this day. This year, however, a new line of higher quality Funko figurines featuring everyone’s favourite mascot is coming, and they actually look pretty good.

The Pokémon Company today announced their new collaboration with Funko today, a new line of Pikachu figures called “A Day With Pikachu”. Each month, over the next 12 months, a new figure will be released, each celebrating a particular holiday or time of year. These figures seem to be about one month ahead of the holiday they’re celebrating, with the first figure, titled “One Lucky Day” and seemingly celebrating St Patrick’s Day, releasing on the 13th of February. The rest haven’t entirely been revealed yet, with only silhouettes for a few of them, but we do have the names of each of the 12 figures.

Courtesy of Serebii.net
  • February 2019: One Lucky Day
  • March 2019: Rainy Day Pokémon
  • April 2019: Blooming Curiosity
  • May 2019: Sweet Days Are Here
  • June 2019: Sparking Up a Celebration
  • July 2019: Splashing Away Summer
  • August 2019: Charged Up for Game Day
  • September 2019: Surprises to Fall For
  • October 2019: Completely Thank-Full
  • November 2019: A Cool New Friend
  • December 2019: Ringing In the Fun
  • January 2020: Surprising Weather Ahead

These figures will be available at PokemonCenter.com in the US, and it’s unknown if they’ll make it outside of the US at this stage. However, given that a lot of these figures seem to be celebrating holidays that are only really relevant in the US, probably don’t expect to see them hitting store shelves over here anytime soon. You’ll just have to settle for the dead stare of the Pikachu Pop in the meantime.

Also announced was an adorable (but still with dead eyes) Bulbasaur Pop! Vinyl, which is set to release in the US in April, according to its Amazon listing.

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