Fortnite goes physical* on Switch with Deep Freeze Bundle

Update: Since writing this we’ve informed that the game isn’t on a cartridge, but just a code in a plastic box.

If for some reason you really want a physical copy of Fortnite, well lucky you because later this year Epic and Warner Bros. Interactive will be doing such a thing.

Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle will, of course, see Fortnite Battle Royale on a card, but to make it actually worth something buying (the game is free obviously) it includes a bunch of premium content. This includes a Frostbite Outfit, Cold Front Glider, Chill-Axe Pickaxe, Freezing Point Back Bling and there are 1000 V-Bucks thrown in for good measure.

If you want the bundle, but don’t want the physical copy you’ll be able to do so from the in-game and eShop as well.

This bundle launches on the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on November 16th in Europe and North America. It works out to be around $50AUD, but we’ll let you know when we have confirmed pricing.

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  • Silly G
    October 10, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    Well, that’s stupid.

    Worse still is that the content seems completely negligible for the cost of admission. It’s also really stupid to issue a plastic box when a card will do. I suspect that a lot of customers will be fooled into buying this as the disingenuous case will give it a misleading perception of worth.

    The reason why there wouldn’t be a cartridge though is because the patches will be identical for both the eShop and cartridge versions of the software (to ensure complete compatibility with the save data, and to avoid having to create separate patches for the two releases), so even if the cartridge contained the full game, the patch will occupy the same 4-6GB of space (or wherever it’s at now) regardless of the version of the software that is on the cartridge.

    At least that is what happened with the Ultimate Edition of Rocket League. The cartridge itself contains version 1.7 (the most recent build at the time of its release was 1.9), so the cartridge does indeed contain a more up-to-date version than the previous retail release, but it is still a dud, because you still need to download the same 4GB patch that everyone else has to download (as opposed to just the differences between versions 1.7 and the current version). They should have just waited until the game was absolutely complete before issuing a retail release.

  • Oliver Phommavanh
    October 11, 2018 at 11:23 am

    I agree with everything you said, they should have waited

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