Final Sun and Moon Starter Pokémon evolutions revealed, Old characters return

**Spoiler Warning**

The latest information burst for Pokémon Sun and Moon has arrived once again in trailer form. Normally we post everything from these videos without spoiler tags because, well they’re news. However we thought we would throw in a spoiler warning for one piece of information in the trailer and leave it out of the headline. You’ve been warned.

Perhaps one of the worst kept secrets about Pokémon Sun and Moon, especially after the data leak from the demo has been the final evolutions of starter Pokémon. They’ve all been now, officially revealed and they all have some interesting abilities and types.

Decidueye is the final evolution of Rowlet and is a Grass/Ghost type.

This Pokemon is able to move about while completely masking its presence from others. Once an opponent has lost sight of it, Decidueye seizes the chance to attack it unawares. In a tenth of a second, Decidueye plucks an arrow quill from within its wing and sends its hurtling toward its target. Its speed is astonishing, but not more so than its precise aim, which enables the arrow quill to pierce a target through and through from half a mile or more away! Decidueye usually acts very cool, but it can become terribly flustered in unexpected situations like a surprise attack.

Incineroar is the final form of Litten and is a Fire/Dark type.

As its fighting spirit increases, the flames that Incineroar produces within its body burst from its navel and waistline. Since the flames somewhat resemble a championship belt, they’re known as its “flame belt,” and the Pokemon unleashes moves that use flames from it. In the heat of battle, Incineroar shows no concern for its opponents—and sometimes even launches attacks that strike the opposing Trainer! As a result, many tend to dislike this Pokemon and keep it at a distance.

Primarina is a Water/Fairy type and the final evolution of Popplio.

As it dances, Primarina releases balloons of water into the area around itself, moving them using the sound waves from its voice. The sight of moonlight reflecting off its glittering balloons creates a magical scene. Since Primarina controls its balloons using its voice, any injury to its throat can become a grave problem. Its greatest enemies are arid environments and the overuse of its voice during back-to-back battles.

A couple of new Pokemon were also revealed, Alolan Persian and Cosmog – again nothing new if you follow leaks but good to see them in action.

Alolan Persian

The round face of Alolan Persian is a symbol of the rich Alola region, and it is held to be a Pokemon of great beauty. It is such a distinctive Pokemon of the Alola region that all Persian are well protected, and strict inspections are required before tourists can be permitted to take one back to their home region.


This extremely rare Pokemon is known to only a select few in Alola. At one time, it was known only by the kings of Alola and their heirs, and it was called “the child of the stars.” The Aether Foundation is researching this unusual Pokemon, and one of the professors at the foundation recently dubbed it Cosmog.

Also unveiled were three Alola region Guardian Deities – Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini.

As guardian deities of Alola, the tapu can use the special Z-Move Guardian of Alola. When using this Z-Move, the tapu close their shells and a huge avatar appears from the ground to attack the opposing Pokemon, dealing damage equal to 75 percent of the target’s remaining HP.

And finally the battle tree where old and legendary trainers return. Not just to fight against, but you can even have some of them join you in battle. See if you recognise any of these guys.

Somewhere in the Alola region, you’ll find the Battle Tree: a place where those Trainers who have completed their island challenge—or who are strong enough to have done so—battle one another. All of the Trainers you can encounter at the Battle Tree are strong. It seems you might even encounter two battle prodigies from the Kanto region…

At the Battle Tree, you can scout an opponent you’ve won against so they can partner with you in future battles. You may even be able to scout some familiar faces…

The Pokemon League (there is none, yet!)

The Pokemon League is where the Elite Four—four Pokemon Trainers with powerful Pokemon partners—and the Champion, who reigns as the top of all Trainers, await challengers. A challenger who defeats the Elite Four and the Champion will be hailed as the new Champion of the Pokemon League.


In the Alola region, the setting of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, there is no Pokemon League yet—but it seems that there are plans to construct one on the peak of a certain mountain.

After the growth you achieve through completing the island challenge, will the day come when you also take on the Pokemon League to become the strongest Pokemon Trainer?

And finally the trailer…

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