Untitled Goose Game is the Feel-Good Gaming Story of 2019

It’s not often that a game comes along that completely captures the hearts and minds of the entire internet. New games are released at an unrelenting pace, announcements are made constantly, and the 24-hour news cycle so prevalent in our connected culture means that it’s rare for something to stay in the headlines generating buzz for more than a couple of days. This is even rarer for good news and uplifting stories. Typically, the headlines with staying power involve some sort of backlash or controversy, and when they don’t, it normally involves a AAA blockbuster game with the marketing budget in the millions.

It doesn’t usually involve a game made by a team of just four people. It also doesn’t usually involve a mischievous goose.

Untitled Goose Game by Australian studio House House immediately grabbed people’s attention when it was announced back in 2017. Amongst a sea of homogeneous games stood something entirely unique. There was no combat, no platforming, just a flightless bird in a striking art style waddling around creating havoc for the locals. When the game finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch last week, up against a new Zelda no less, it shot to the top of the eShop charts and has seen some of the most wholesome content and loving discourse I’ve witnessed on the internet in 2019.

The combination of a videogame premise never seen before, perfect animation and an impeccable reactive soundtrack by the talented Dan Golding has created an experience that has broken beyond the usual videogame circles and delighted gamers and non-gamers alike. From trapping a shop owner in a garage to just honking in a farmer’s face, Untitled Goose Game is immediately charming and has won over the entire internet. You don’t need to look far across Twitter to see just how evident this is. From fan art to recreated memes, from poems to song mashups, the love for this game is the feel-good gaming story of 2019. Check out some of our favourites below:

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  • Silly G
    October 1, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    I’m holding out for a physical release. Please, oh, please. This funky little gem deserves it.

  • Arkhe
    October 3, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    A good game is where the devs lead the players, but the mark of a great game is when a player does something unexpected and it turns out the dev was way ahead of them regardless.

    Glad these devs got the acclaim they deserve!

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