F-Zero 99 adds Star Rivals, Festival event in new v1.4.0 patch


Nintendo has introduced a wealth of new content in the free-to-play-if-you-subscribe F-Zero 99. The updates just keep on coming. Version 1.4.0 of the game adds quite a bit, including a new festival event (with festival-themed tracks), a new leaderboard event, Star Rivals featuring characters from older F-Zero games, and a whole bunch of usual patch fun.

You can now also share an emote with your fellow racers before the race itself kicks off. The patch is available to download now.

New Additions

  • Added Festival Queen League. All tracks included in Queen League (MUTE CITY II/PORT TOWN I/RED CANYON I/WHITE LAND I/WHITE LAND II) will appear as Festival tracks. During these events, Gem Sparks can be collected on Festival tracks.
    • Added customization items that can only be obtained during the time when the Festival Queen League event is live. You can check acquisition status by pressing the L Button on the main menu.
    • The Festival Queen League event will be held for a limited time only. You can see how much time is remaining in the event by pressing the L Button on the Main Menu.
    • Regular Queen League tracks and the Queen League Grand Prix cannot be played when the Festival Queen League event is active (except in private lobby and practice modes). Also, limited-time challenges will be unavailable.
    • Added an event ranking tab to weekly ranking based on Gem Sparks collected. A player ranking in 999th place or above when the event ends can get a special badge.¬†
  • Added Star Rivals. They will occasionally appear on Festival tracks during a Festival Queen League event.
    • Star Rivals will appear in F-ZERO 99 and Festival Queen League modes. They will not appear in Private Lobby races.
    • The Star Rivals are the four characters Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, Dr. Stewart, and Pico from the SNES version of the F-ZERO game.
    • When you beat a Star Rival in a race where they‚Äôve been chosen as your Rival, you‚Äôll receive a special badge that can be used for customizing Pilot Cards.
  • Added emotes that can be sent at specific locations during a race. A face icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen when the emote can be sent. At that time, hold the R Button and press the A, B, X, or Y Button to select the emote you want to send.
    • Emotes can be sent from the Pilot Card display screen before the race begins, during the camera intro at the starting point, and while spectating a race.
    • Emotes sent by other players who are spectating will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • You can turn DISPLAY EMOTES on or off from Options in Main Menu.
  • The Team Battle rules have been changed. The previous two-team system has been changed to a five-team system, and the number of players per team is now 10. Also, in Team Battle, all teammates share one Team Super Meter. When the Team Super Meter is full, all teammates can drive on the Team Skyway together.
    • Super Boost is activated by each teammate pressing the boost button within the time limit.
    • The number of players allowed to participate in Team Battle is 50.
    • Available team colors are blue, yellow, green, pink, and white.
    • Gray Bumpers, Red Bumpers, and Gold Bumpers now appear in Team Battle as well. Gold Bumpers appearing in Team Battle can now be KO’d.
  • Three weekend events have been added:
    • Weekend Event: Lucky Weekend
      • Lucky Ranks will reset every four hours. You can earn bonus ticket points and EXP when playing F-ZERO 99 or Pro Tracks modes during the event.
    • Weekend Event: Machine-Shuffle Mini Prix Weekend
      • At the start of the race, one type of machine is randomly selected, and all players compete for the Mini Prix with that machine.
    • Weekend Event: Team Battle Weekend
      • Team Battles will be held frequently. You can earn bonus ticket points and EXP in Team Battles during the event.
    Weekend events are scheduled to be held sequentially on the weekends following the end of the Festival Queen League period. 
  • Added Boost colors and Spin effects to be used for machine customization as well as backdrops, badges, and borders to be used for Pilot Card customization. These can be unlocked when certain conditions are met.
    • New Boost colors and Spin Effects can be obtained mainly through limited-time challenges starting after the end of the Festival Queen League.
    • New backdrops are primarily obtainable through Lucky Ranks.
    • You can access your new customization items via the Workshop on the Main Menu.

Other Adjustments and Changes

  • Increased how much the skill rating of a player with skill S-S50 goes up when they defeat a Rival.
  • Added variation to the pattern of Bumpers appearing.
  • Due to a change in the Team Battle rules, the conditions for obtaining a Team Battle badge have been changed to “Finish in the top 3 teams in a Team Battle 20 times‚ÄĚ (and 50 and 99 times after that).
    • The number of times you have placed 1st in previous Team Battles will remain on record, and after this update is applied, the number of times you have placed 1st through 3rd will be added.
  • The badge that can be obtained by a Double KO has been changed to a hidden badge.
  • Lucky Ranks reset time was changed to 5 p.m. (PDT).

Other Issues

  • Fixed issues to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

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