Everything from Nintendo’s Indie World presentation

by Daniel VuckovicAugust 19, 2019

Nintendo’s Indie World presentation was on last night and there were a lot of games on it. We got a couple of shadow-drops, a bunch of all new games, release dates for long-awaited ones and even some massive ones like Ori and the Blind Forest.

We’ve collected all the trailers we could find from the games in the presentation and included them below. All release dates with seasons Australia/southern hemisphere dates, flip them if you’re on the other side of the globe.


Superhot – Out Today

Hotline Miami Collection – Out Today

And now for everything else…

Ori and the Blind Forest September 27th

Another Microsoft Studio game – what a world.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

First on Switch (timed console exclusive) in February 2020

New Date: Torchlight 2 – September 3rd

New Date: Creature in the Well – September 6th

New Date: Blasphemous – September 26th

New Date: Northgard – September 26th

Trine 4 – October 8th

New to Switch: Touryst – November

New from Shin’en!

New Date: One Finger Death Punch 2 – December 2nd

New Date: Skellboy – December 3rd

New to Switch: Risk of Rain 2 – Winter

New to Switch: Freedom Finger – Spring 2019

Cat Quest 2 – Spring 2019

Sparklite – Spring 2019

Munchkin Quacked Quest – Spring 2019

New to Switch: HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed – Summer 2019

New to Switch: What The Golf – Summer 2019

New to Switch: Roki – Summer 2019

Unspecified 2019

New to Switch: EarthNight – 2019

New to Switch: Kine – 2019

Close to the Sun – 2019


Best Friend FOREVER – February 14th 2020

Spiritfarer – Autumn 2020

Eastward – 2020

Phogs – 2020

Skater XL – 2020

Youropa Later this year

Or if you want to watch it all again…

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  • Arkhe
    August 20, 2019 at 12:56 am

    A lot of interesting stuff coming out! Although wonder what happened to that game that looked like a Tiger Electronics lcd game.

  • Michael
    August 20, 2019 at 6:59 am

    I am interested to see a trailer for Munchkin Quacked Quest… kinda want to see if it is co-op or competitive
    Hypercharge looks like good fun to have with the kids, coop games are always good… and toys shooting toys gives them a shooting game, without graphic violence

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