EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset Review

It’s been a few months since Nintendo added Bluetooth audio output to the Nintendo Switch, so with Bluetooth gaming headsets now a real possibility for Switch owners – what’s out there?

Sure, you could always plug most headphones into the Switch, and some games handle voice chat outside of the Nintendo Switch Online app, and you’d get by. In the past, you’ve needed a headset, cable splitters and more just to get a game in. Now, something like the EPOS H3 Hybrid might help. But what happens when you chuck it at another hybrid (the Switch, obviously).

This review focuses on how the headset works on the Switch. But we’ve also been testing it on a PlayStation 5, Mac, and iPhone. There’s not a PC in this house to test the 7.1 surround sound you can get on Windows (sorry). I’ve not bought a headset for gaming purposes in years. I’ve got my Airpods Pro for basically everything. Still, since the Switch got Bluetooth support, and in between playing a lot of Apex Legends, a game where communicating is key and having a new baby – a dedicated headset was on the cards.

The EPOS H3 Hybrid tries to be everything for everyone. It works on the Nintendo Switch with Bluetooth, and via 3.5mm, you can plug it into a PS5 controller, and it works there or any other Bluetooth device you can think of. I’ve even had it plugged into my Mac, playing PS5 via remote play – although I needed it plugged in for voice chat – PS5 remote play or the headset couldn’t hand Bluetooth input and output with my niche setup.

The H3 Hybrid is a solid piece of kit. While some of the plastic on the cup feels cheapish, it’s got quality components where it counts. The pads for your ears seal well and should fit most people’s ears. The band across your head is padded, and the adjustments to change the size are solid and metal. It’s certainly not going to break on you.

On the left cup, you’ve got the business side of things. There’s a removable boom mic (more on that in a second), power button, battery and charge indicator, a spot for the 3.5mm to 2.5mm cable and USB-C.

The removable boom mic is quite interesting. When it’s facing up, you’re muted. It’s great having that confidence that no one will hear you when you don’t want it. The whole thing snaps on with a magnet, and in the box is a little plastic disc that lets you cover up the connector and rock the thing in stealth. You could use them on the train or a plane without anyone knowing it’s a gaming headset. There’s an internal microphone if you plan to make calls with the boom mic off as well. On the right, it’s much cleaner, with just a Bluetooth pairing button and a wheel for changing volume. I appreciate that the volume wheel free spins, but it was a little hard to make adjustments with it mid-game quickly.

This headset works on almost everything you can throw at it, and it paired to my Nintendo Switch quickly. I could also play it handheld with the cable as well. In games with their own voice chat like Apex Legends or Fortnite if you connect via Bluetooth, you’ll get the audio coming in. Unfortunately, the Switch doesn’t do the microphone over BT. If you use the cable for the audio in, the microphone works. That, of course, won’t work with docked Switch consoles unless you’ve got a long cable.

Nintendo games that use the Nintendo Switch Online app, you could play that with the cable, and then BT into that app, or even Discord. But again, no Bluetooth microphone support on the Switch. The PS5 works with the controller plugged into the Dual Sense controller, but those consoles don’t support BT headsets. PCs, Macs and mobile phones work just fine with Bluetooth, with no issues at all.

Unfortunately, unless headset makers can find a way to use two BT connections or Nintendo opens up mic support on Bluetooth, that’s the way it’s going to stay for now. It has been great to play some Switch (albeit wired), and have my computer’s audio come through as I re-watch The Office for the 20th time without changing inputs or re-pair things.

The batteries on the H3 Hybrid last a surprisingly long time. Just remember to turn it off. Because even if you leave the headset plugged in, the battery will continue to drain. Seemingly you need battery power even to use the headset with a cable. A little annoying.

It also comes in white.

The EPOS H3 Hybrid is a great gaming headset for almost anything you can connect it to. The audio quality for the price is excellent, but unless you’re running software on a PC there’s no faux-surround it still did a good job letting me know where that next shot was coming from. The microphone is the one thing holding it back from being the total package for a gamer. It’s good enough for trash talk but not so clear for content creation.

At the moment the EPOS H3 Hybrid is on sale for $159, down from it’s $259 RRP. It’s even better value for money at the moment. Both JB Hi-Fi and Amazon have it for that price.

The Good

+ Can be used on many consoles and setups
+ Solidly built overall
+ Removable Boom Mic
+ Long battery life if....

The Bad

- ... you remember even wired it uses battery
- Some plastics outside feel cheap
- Microphone is fairly poor

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