Empty Super Mario 35th anniversary Twitter account found, but it could also be nothing

Hold onto your tinfoil, we’re taking a ride on the conspiracy theory train. Earlier today the folks at VGC have reported that a @supermario35th Twitter account was set up in March of this year, it’s blank but all signs point to it being registered by Nintendo. In March of this year, rumours of a 35th Mario Anniversary celebration were floated around, clearly that hasn’t happened yet, isn’t happening or was delayed due to Covid-19.

With Twitter accounts if you request a password change Twitter will show an obfuscated email address where the change password request will be sent. For this particular account it shows the following.

What makes this interesting is that both the @ZeldaOfficialJP, @SmashBrosJP and @SplatoonJP account also have this email – or at least appear to. They couldn’t be identical addresses as Twitter accounts need to have unique email addresses.

Here’s where the plot thickens a little, while it’s entirely possible that this account was made for any possible celebration. It’s also possible that it was made to prevent others from using it. In our investigation, we also found a Mario Kart Tour Twitter account unused in the same way (albeit with a different email), registered just after the game was originally announced. There’s also an unused Instagram account which doesn’t have the same user name but has the same random string of characters in the display name.

There’s also one other possibility, someone registered this account and is using a fake email address (and domain) to match the pattern used by the official Nintendo accounts. That’s a long con for sure, but not outside the realms of possibility for some Nintendo pranksters.

One thing for sure is we’d all love to see some real Nintendo news soon. Please Nintendo.

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