Elder Scrolls Blades delayed on Switch until 2020

by Luke HendersonNovember 27, 2019

In a news announcement that is honestly unsurprising, Bethesda have announced that The Elder Scrolls Blades, will no longer release on Switch this year, but will instead be released in early 2020.

The reason for the delay is that they are overhauling the game on mobile, including removing the timed chests mechanic and once that overhaul is done, then the Switch version will be finalised. They released a brief statement in their Town Hall update, and here it is:

We know how eager our players are to dive into Blades on the Nintendo Switch and we’ve been hard at work to make it happen. Unfortunately, amidst all the other changes we’re making to Blades, we’ve had to delay our Switch release until early 2020. We can’t wait until you can begin your quest in Blades on the Switch, and we’re confident this additional time will let us deliver the polished gameplay our fans deserve. We deeply appreciate your patience! As we’ve mentioned in a previous Town Hall, PvP matches will be cross-platform between mobile versions and the Switch version when it releases.

We had the chance to play the game at E3 2019 and found it to be a fine game, but it was only a brief demo.

What do you say, happy with the delay if it means a better game upon release, or do you want it now?

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