E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS revealed, final name confirmed

Tons of details and features of the 3DS were revealed this morning

Temporarily named no longer, the Nintendo 3DS is confirmed as the final name as Iwata took to the stage to show off the new hardware. Details were brief about exactly what is in the console but the features showed are pretty impressive.

First up the console looks pretty much in the same form factor as a Nintendo DS. Clam shell with two screens is the order of the day. It looks more like a DS Lite in style than a DSi as well but this could soon change. The system appears to be glossy as well.

New features include a huge 3.5" 3D widescreen display on the top and a touch panel on the bottom. On the top screen there is a slider on the right that alters the 3D effect. You can make it really strong or turn it off altogether.

On the outside of the case are two Camera lenses so you can take photos in 3D and show them off on the Nintendo 3DS screen. The inside has the Select, Start and Home buttons under the screen and the power moved to the right where the Start buttons are on the DSi. With the addition of this always on tag mode we assume that Home will open a menu that is always running in the background but we can’t say for sure at this stage.

The traditional D-Pad has moved down on the left hand side of the machine to make way for what Nintendo is calling an Analogue Slider. The slider looks very similar to the PSP one, but it’s hard to say from what we’ve seen.

Kid Icarus, Nintendogs + Cats, and games from a ton of publishers including Activision, Atlus, AQ, Bandai Namco, Capcom, EA, Harmonix, Hudson, Konami, KT, Level 5, Majesco, MMV, Rocket, Square Enix, Sega, Takara Tomy, T2, THQ, Ubisoft and WB Games. Iwata promised many more that were not listed as well.

Some of the third party games listed included DJ Hero 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Saints Row, Madden NFL, Dead or Alive 3D, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Solid, Professor Layton, and Samurai Warriors.

No release dates or pricings have been revealed at this stage. We’ll have hands on from the floor of the 3DS shortly.

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